GPP – Getting Tired

Randomly throwing together a bunch of exercises & running willy nilly about with no structure, intent or purpose is just work. Anyone can do work. You can try to legitimize by giving it cute names, but it is essentially garbage training. You can call it GPP but it is just getting them tired and getting tired is not training.

Training is work with Intent and purpose. I banished the term GPP years ago in favor of Foundation Training (FT). You need a strong structurally sound foundation upon which to build the subsequent structure of training. This is carefully planned to meet the athlete’s needs and is congruent with the more intense specific work to follow. Because training accumulates from year to year it is not necessary to rebuild the whole foundation each year, rather it is important to reinforce it where necessary to enable the athlete to keep progressing. The content and emphasis changes with advancing training age, each year of training the athlete should start on a higher plane, not start over.

Make the training have a clear intent and purpose that is mindful and equips the athlete with the tools they need to be resilient and thrive on subsequent workloads. Always strive for quality, remember quality is a measure of perfect. Quality will transfer to results in competition, the ultimate goal of any training program.

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