Learning From the Past

Much of what I stand for is not new, we already know it, it has worked in the past in a myriad of environments but has been rejected as old fashioned, not high tech, not scientific. We have abandoned proven methods in the name of progress. Certainly in every field of endeavor everything old is new again, but because of our society’s rejection of the past we have not studied the coaches who paved the way for us.

It is trite to say that we stand on the shoulder of giants, but without coaches like Bill Bowerman, John Wooden, Doc Councilman, Geoff Dyson, Franz Stampfl, and Percy Cerruty where would we be today in terms athletic performance. They were innovators who were not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom. No one stands alone; I have been very fortunate to learn from many people. Most importantly I have learned from the athletes that I have coached and observed. Who better to learn from? They were the ones who did the training; they were the ones, who competed, they lived it.

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