Hammer Throw College Commitments 2017

With the early National Letter of Intent signing period ending this week, many of the top recruits have made their choice of where they will compete after they graduate next summer. Joy McArthur (Mater Dei, Santa Ana, CA), the top returning girl and second best high school thrower of all time, has elected to stay close to home and attend the University of Southern California. The top returning boy, Michael Feldman (Tottenville, Staten Island, NY), will attend Penn along with his brother.

Last updated June 19, 2017. Please contact us if you have additional commitments to add to the list.

Name Class Rank 2016 Best School
Michael Feldman 1 223’01” University of Pennsylvania
Jake Wickey 2 215’06” Kent State University
Steven Feldman 3 212’02” University of Pennsylvania
Jared Briere 4 210’08” University of Oregon
Nick Lane 5 210’03” Indiana University
Matt Slagus 6 206’00” University of South Dakota
Jacob Slate 7 201’08” Concordia University (Oregon)
Dilyn Cote 9 200’01” Rhode Island College
Mason Crane 10 197’08” University of California-Riverside
Corbin Chronister 11 197’00” Cal State-Bakersfield
Sam Meece 12 194’10” University of Cincinnati
Tristan Bush 13 193’01” North Dakota State University
Jason Wright 14 189’03” College of William and Mary
Zeke Cohen 15 188’11” Cornell University
Jack Zimmerman 16 187’09” Penn State University
Jake Greenless 17 185’05” Virginia Commonwealth University
Jardon Omolo 30 171’05” Florida A&M
Jesse Nikora 46 157’00” Occidental College
Thom Reiser 51 155’04” University of Wisconsin
Jordan Geist NM University of Arizona
Maverick Baglietto NM Cal State-Chico
Name Class Rank 2016 Best School
Joy McArthur 1 203’08” University of Southern California
Alyssa Wilson 2 191’02” UCLA
Jill Shippee 3 181’01” University of North Carolina
Makenli Forrest 4 176’08” University of Louisville
Molly Leppelmeier 5 170’01” Purdue University
Sydnee Walker 6 169’10” University of Oregon
Molly Botts 12 149’05” University of Rhode Island
Danielle Notarfrancesco 15 145’04” University of Massachusetts
Maggie Tarmey 28 131’06” Lehigh University
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