HMMR Podcast Episode 80: Nick Rants Again

Every few months we need to let Nick blow off some steam or he will explode. On this week’s episode we share some rants based on the latest news and trends in sports. We look at offseason training, social media, the bench press, proposal by European Athletics to improve track and field, and the role of strength coaches in the NCAA.


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  1. Joe burke
    Joe burke says:


    Most people have 4-6 max throws. So 4 throws would be ok. The change I would love to see is you one where you can’t win on your last throw. How does this work? Going into the last round are this throwing order and have the following result: Thrower A is in third place with 21.50, thrower B is in second place with 21.60 and thrower C has 21.70. So thrower A throws 21.75 and Thrower B throws 21.80 and thrower C follows with 21.78. Thrower C is eliminated because he had a chance to take the lead and was not successful in getting the lead back. Thrower A and B go man to man until one of them fails to take the lead. Great for TV and filled with tension. We have done this in practice and have gone as many as 3 rounds before a winner was declared. Lots of strutting, finger pointing, chest pounding and lots of fun. We have also seen more than a few all-time practice bests with this format. In practice the one thing you can do that won’t work with competition is you can assign handicaps based on personal bests. Athletes love it!



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