Old School

I may be an old man but one thing I am not is old school. I will use the metaphor of the increased awareness of the quality of vinyl records. Some call them old school, but there is a reason why people who are true aficionados of music are going back to vinyl: the sound is better, you can hear rhythms and tempo that are lost on tape or on CDs. Next month God willing I will start my forty-eighth year on this coaching journey. I have made just about every mistake there is to make. Most of the time I learned from them. I have learned from the best and continue to learn and question in a daily pursuit of personal excellence. Fairness, civility, loyalty, sportsmanship, teamwork and hard work may seem old school and out of date in this era of instant gratification but they are the cornerstones of personal and competitive excellence. If you listen to us old guys you will hear a timeless message that is loud and clear like a vinyl record. Understand the basics, teach the basics and never stray far from the basics. Values are part of the basics. You pay your dues as a coach and athlete, you earn respect, it is not given. Know what you stand for and live it!

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