Big River HS Championship (MO) Results

Samantha Kunza (Timberland, Wentzville, MO) improved her personal best on Sunday at the Big River HS Championship in Missouri. Not only is that a new state-leading mark, but it is the second best mark in the nation by a sophomore this year.

                       2017 Big River HS Championship                 
                     Hosted by the University of Missouri                     
                        Hearnes Center -- Columbia, Mo.
Boys Weight Throw
Top 9 Athletes to Final
All Measurements in Metric.
      Series: S 18.82m  2015        Patrick Kunza                              
    Name                    Year School               Finals          
  1 Jake Wirthwein               Unattached           15.35m   50-04.50
      14.88m  15.11m  15.23m  FOUL  15.35m  FOUL
 2 Darius Neff                  Unattached           13.09m   42-11.50
      10.85m  12.43m  12.24m  FOUL  12.86m  13.09m
  3 Andy Amos                    Unattached           11.02m   36-02.00
      8.83m  9.64m  10.76m  10.17m  11.02m  FOUL
  4 Hunter Lawrence              Cleats of Fi          8.59m   28-02.25
      8.59m  7.31m  FOUL  8.24m  FOUL  8.33m
Girls Weight Throw
 Top 9 Athletes to Final
 All Measurements in Metric.
      Series: S 17.01m  2015        Jordan McClendon                           
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Samantha Kunza               Unattached           14.93m   48-11.75 
      13.36m  14.93m  13.94m  14.62m  14.11m  14.71m
  2 Shelby Vermetten             Unattached           10.37m   34-00.25 
      10.37m  FOUL  9.64m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  3 Bailey Coon                  NEK TC                9.92m   32-06.50 
      7.88m  9.57m  9.89m  9.81m  9.50m  9.92m
  4 Paige Wallis                 Unattached            8.97m   29-05.25 
      7.10m  8.97m  7.18m  8.90m  FOUL  8.47m
  5 Kourtenay Wirthwein          Unattached            8.95m   29-04.50 
      8.59m  7.94m  8.53m  8.33m  8.95m  8.82m
  6 Haley Sparr                  Unattached            8.84m   29-00.00 
      7.94m  8.17m  7.76m  7.73m  8.84m  8.39m
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