Rhody Classic (RI) Results

Jared Briere (Woonsocket, RI) came out victorious at the Rhody Classic on Saturday. Just a few inches off of his best, Briere was able to hold off a big personal best from his teammate Jacob Greenless (Woonsocket, RI) for the win. In other action Lea Fusco (Coventry, RI) won the girl’s competition.

              Rhody High School Indoor Track Classic
                         Mackal FieldHouse
                     University of Rhode Island
                            Kingston, RI
                          January 7, 2017
Boys Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School              Finals          
  1  Briere, Jared       SR Woonsocket          68-03.00   20.80m
  2  Greenless, Jacob    JR Woonsocket          65-05.50   19.95m
  3  Cote, Dilyn         JR Woonsocket          59-00.50   17.99m
  4  Hoskins, Jason      SR Coventry HS         54-01.50   16.49m
  5  Woodmansee, Raekwo  SR Woonsocket          53-06.50   16.31m
  6  Forrest, Jordan     SO New Rochelle        51-05.50   15.68m
  7  Pelletier, Tyler    SR Coventry HS         48-01.50   14.66m
  8  Deslaurius, Lucas   SR North Kingston      44-10.00   13.66m
  9  Umbro, Christian    SR New Rochelle        31-01.00    9.47m
 10  Chalmers, Christia  JR Valley Stream N     29-03.50    8.92m
 11  Fluerima, Bernadin  SO Valley Stream N     25-05.00    7.74m
 12  Nweze, Ike          JR Valley Stream N     23-04.50    7.12m

Girls Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School              Finals         
  1  Fusco, Lea          SR Coventry HS         37-08.00   11.48m 
  2  Rachel, Taraian     SR St. Marys Acd BV    32-00.00    9.75m 
  3  O’Loughlin, Ashley  SR Coventry HS         31-09.50    9.69m
  4  Charles, Juel       SO Valley Stream N     30-07.00    9.32m 
  5  Destinoble, Shanta  JR Valley Stream N     29-04.00    8.94m 
  6  Fagbemi, Anna       SR Valley Stream N     28-04.50    8.64m 
  7  Bianco Riley, Diana SR St. Marys Acd BV    26-05.00    8.05m
  8  Fluerima, Naomi     SR Valley Stream N     23-02.00    7.06m 
  9  Tonico, Safiya      SR Valley Stream N     22-07.00    6.88m 
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