The Journey Continues – 48 Years & Counting

This week starts my 48th year of coaching. It has been a journey of discovery that God willing I hope will continue for a few more years. My coaching role has evolved to more mentor coaching rather than being on the track or in the weight room day to day. This better allows me to share my experiences with younger coaches to learn from my mistakes and successes. I still am and intend to be hands on as much as is practical because as I learned from one of my mentors that if you don’t have skin in the game you quickly lose touch and credibility.

As I reflect back over the years it is hard to find words to express the joy and excitement those experiences have brought. I have had the great fortune to work with great people both as athletes and coaches. There have been championships and records as well as big failures. Frankly it took me a long time to understand how to balance the ups and downs. It has never been about the trophies or rings for me, it has always been about seeing the athletes grow as people, sometimes it was easy and joyful and other times it was painful. For those of you starting out in coaching it is a great profession filled with immense responsibly, keep learning, work at your craft daily and never forget it is not about you, it is always about the athletes.

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