Armory Invitational (NY) Results

The first- and third-ranked girls in the nation faced off on Friday and Saturday at the Armory Invitational. National leader Gianna Rao (Ponaganset, North Scituate, RI) won the close showdown over Jill Shippee (Shenendehowa, Clifton Park, NY) with strong second and third round attempts. Keyarsa Harris (Central, Providence, RI) also added a foot and a half to her best to place third. In the boy’s competition Jared Briere (Woonsocket, RI) broke 70 feet again to hold off a personal best from Matthew Slagus (North Pocono, Moscow, PA).

                  2017 Armory Track Invitational
             New Balance T & F Center at The  Armory 
Boys Weight Throw High School – Saturday February 4, 2017
        Meet: $ 84-00  2007        Walter Henning, So. Huntington   
    Name                    Year School                  Finals      
  1 Briere, Jared                Woonsocket          21.45m   70-04.50 
      20.89m  20.35m  21.45m  20.13m  21.15m  20.86m
  2 Slagus, Matthew              North Pocono        21.00m   68-10.75 
      20.04m  19.16m  21.00m  20.32m  20.69m  FOUL
  3 Wright, Jason                St. Anthony's       20.39m   66-10.75 
      19.65m  20.14m  20.18m  FOUL  20.39m  20.25m
  4 Reiser, Thomas               Minisink Val        20.27m   66-06.00 
      18.67m  19.21m  20.19m  20.27m  20.24m  FOUL
  5 Cote, Dilyn                  Woonsocket          20.22m   66-04.25 
      19.22m  18.99m  FOUL  20.22m  19.97m  FOUL
  6 Zimmerman, Jack              Briarcliff          19.97m   65-06.25 
      17.53m  FOUL  19.01m  18.66m  FOUL  19.97m
  7 Greenless, Jacob             Woonsocket          19.13m   62-09.25 
      FOUL  18.63m  17.53m  18.50m  FOUL  19.13m
  8 Mouzakis, Anastasios         Tappan Zee          17.74m   58-02.50 
      17.27m  16.67m  17.70m  17.10m  16.75m  17.74m
Girls Weight Throw High School – Friday February 3, 2017
        Meet: $ 61-07.50  2009        Lauren Chambers, Kell         
    Name                    Year School                  Finals     
  1 Rao, Gianna                  Ponaganset        55-11.00     17.04m 
      52-08.25  54-08.50  55-11  FOUL  54-01.25  50-00
  2 Shippee, Jill                Shenendehowa      54-04.00     16.56m 
      FOUL  FOUL  53-11.50  FOUL  54-04  FOUL
  3 Harris, Keyarsa              Central (RI)      51-10.25     15.80m 
      FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  51-10.25  48-03  FOUL
  4 Jones, Brittany              Bloomfield        49-08.50     15.15m 
      48-10  FOUL  49-08.50  49-05.75  49-07.50  FOUL
  5 Mata, Joangely               Mt. Pleasant      48-05.00     14.75m 
      FOUL  44-06  FOUL  48-05  FOUL  FOUL
  6 Curtin, Brittany             Connetquot        46-08.00     14.22m 
      46-08  45-02.75  44-09.50  FOUL  FOUL  45-08.25
  7 Muse, Mya                    Vestal            45-10.50     13.98m 
      FOUL  FOUL  39-01  FOUL  FOUL  45-10.50
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