Final Agenda Set for London

There are just 10 days left until our next seminar. On May 20, John Kiely and I will be presenting on periodisation and planning in London. Today we have released the final agenda for the day-long event, describing in detail each of the eight topics we will cover. It is not too late to sign up. More details and registration information are available here.

Part 1: The State of Periodisation

Where are we now and how did we get here? In this first part we will look at how traditional approaches to periodisation evolved

Topic Presenter Description
Introduction Martin Bingisser and John Kiely Is periodization still relevant? We discuss where periodization fits in modern sport, why we need a new approach, and overview the agenda for the day.
From Evolution to Revolution Martin Bingisser A case study in how traditional periodisation evolved in middle distance running and what situational changes in modern sport make the approach no longer tenable.
What Drives the Training Response? John Kiely New insights into the drivers of training adaptation, stress response, and the importance of understanding inter-individual adaptive diversity.

Part 2: The Future of Periodisation

Where do we go from here? In the second part of the seminar we look at how we can solve the problems described above and create a more fleixble approach to periodisation. We present proven solutions to complex issues from our own experience, the work of master coaches, and also from leaders outside the world of sports.

Topic Presenter Description
The Paradox of Change: How Variation Drives Adaptation and Risk Martin Bingisser If one thing is clear from research on periodisation it is that variation can drive training forward. But drastic change can also be one of the biggest injury risks in training.
Coping With Uncertainty: Simple Solutions to Complex Problems John Kiely How to design simple strategies to manage complexity, including practical examples from the non-sporting world on how complex problems have been addressed in business, medicine, leadership, and more.
From Theory to Practice: Lessons from Master Coaches Martin Bingisser The future of periodisation is already here as innovative coaches have known about and addressed the problems with traditional periodisation for years. In this part we will look at case studies of how fundamental training principles like balance, feedback, and simplicity have been used by master coaches in a variety of situations to make periodisation more effective.
21st Century Periodisation: Plans, Processes and Mindsets for an Updated Reality John Kiely A collection of ideas and directions for evolving how we think about training planning, and how these innovations can be practically implemented to optimise training proficiency.
Our Stories: Learning Through Our Failures and Successes John Kiely and Martin Bingisser Open Q&A session kicked off by examples from our own coaching experiences.
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