California High School Hammer Championships Results

After breaking 200 feet for the first time last weekend, Silas Hurst (Santiago Corona, Corona, CA) improved his personal best again last weekend at the California High School Hammer Championships. His best mark of 206’1″ won him his first title. In the girl’s competition Miranda Zinola (Homestead, Cupertino, CA) added six feet to her best to secure the win.

California High School Hammer Championships
Saturday, June 17, 2017
Delta College (North Division)/Cerritos College (South Division)
Boy's Hammer Throw
    Div Name                Year School, City                    Finals 
  1  S  Silas Hurst           JR Santiago, Corona                206'01"
  2  S  Mason Crane           SR Corona Del Mar                  191'08"   
  3  S  Max Mckhann           JR Dana Hills                      189'07"                                                          
  4  N  Dagne Buck            JR Plumas Lake (GS Throwers)       179'07"                                                               
  5  N  Bryan Quintero        JR Lodi (Golden State Throwers)    168'07"                                                                             
  6  N  Taylor Brown          SR West Valley, Cottonwood         158'05"                                                                                                                      
  7  S  Maveric Baglietto     SR Malibu                          156'04"                                                                 
  8  S  Chris Tellez          SR Warren, Downey                  153'10                                                                          
  9  S  Jesse Nikora          SR Malibu                          151'01"                                                                          
 10  S  John Elam             SR Canyon, Canyon Country          150'02"                                                             
 11  S  Christopher Heinemann SO Corona Del Mar                  148'09"                      
 12  N  Niko Bidanian         JR Kimball, Tracy                  138'06"                                                                                                                     
 13  S  Daniel Bryant         JR West Ranch, Stevenson Ranch     134'05"
 14  N  Ben Chappell          FR Oakdale                         131'03"                                                                                                                      
 15  N  Charlie Hewell        SR Sacramento (GS Throwers)        131'00"
 16  S  Noah Bultman          SO West Ranch, Stevenson Ranch     130'09"
 17  N  Casey Hearn           SR Kimball, Tracy                  130'01"
 18  N  Payton Fuller         SO West Valley, Cottonwood         127'05"
 19  S  Mason Mckhann         FR Dana Hills                      126'03"
 20  S  Jake Sun             7th Home Schooled, Loguna Hills     116'11"
 21  S  Cole White            SO Corona Del Mar, Newport Beach   116'03"                                             
 22  S  Matthew Krogh        8th Rancho Pico Jr, Stevenson Ranch 112'05"
 23  N  James Dial            SR Elk Grove (GS Throwers)         112'00"                                                        
 24  N  Shane Jones-Trammell     Roseville (GS Throwers)         103'02"
 25  S  Bryan Burroughs       SO Carnegie Schools, Riverside     100'06"
 26  S  Christian Burroughs  8th Carnegie Schools, Riverside      97'03"
 27  N  Jake Weathers         FR Sacramento (GS Throwers)         63'11"

Girl's Hammer Throw
    Div Name                Year School, City                    Finals 
  1  N  Miranda Zinola        SR Homestead, Sunnyvale            150'02"  
  2  N  Madison Holt          SR Elk Grove (GS Throwers)         139'04"
  3  S  Tanya Reyes           SR Warren, Downey                  120'02"
  4  N  Markayla Billings     FR Elk Grove (GS Throwers)         118'05"
  5  S  Jessianne Solis       SO Highland, Bakersfield           116'03"
  6  N  Fatafehi Sinai        SR Mountain View                   114'11"
  7  S  Faimalie Sale         JR Los Alamitos                    114'05"
  8  N  King                                                     111'06"
  9  S  Amanda Cooper         SR Corona Del Mar, Newport Coast   111'00"
 10  S  Sorin Moore           SO Malibu                          109'06"
 11  N  Kamrin Baird          SR Elk Grove (GS Throwers)         108'06"
 12  N  Crystal Diei          JR El Dorado Hills (GS Throwers)   104'00"
 13  S  Natalie Ramirez       SO West Ranch, Santa Clarita        96'09"
 14  S  Kayla Prince          SR Highland, Bakersfield            92'10"
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