GAIN X – Short but Spectacular

As one who is not given to hyperbole GAIN was too short but it sure was spectacular, it was easily the best we have ever had. After ten years, we don’t have it figured out but we sure are on our way. GAIN is not a conference, it is an event, an event that is meant facilitate networking and building a community of professionals who will question and challenge each other to be the best. It directed in four prongs 1) Athletic Development 2) Sport Coaching 3) Sports Medicine/Rehabilitation 4) Physical Education with the goal to foster communication and sharing between these disciplines.

So many people have gone into making GAIN what it is today. I want to recognize them with a special thank you:

  • Melissa Gambetta (My Wife) – The brains behind the operation, the person who does all the hard stuff to make it run smoothly
  • Ed Ryan who graciously gives up his time each year out of his busy schedule to do the onsite operations
  • Tommy McHugh AKA Tommy Tech who does all the filming, manages the web page and his dad Patrick McHugh who helps him
  • Rice University Men’s Track & Field who are our on-campus sponsor, specifically Brek Christensen, assistant coach.

The GAIN Originals

Still Coming to GAIN since the first edition:

  • Tove Shere
  • Adam Moss
  • Bill Knowles
  • Steve Myrland
  • Greg Thompson
  • Patrick McHugh
  • Phil Bazzini
  • Joe Przytula

The Faculty

  • Wade Gilbert, professor in the Department of Kinesiology at California State University, Fresno. Dr. Gilbert’s areas of expertise include coaching effectiveness, talent development, and sport psychology. Editor – International Sport Coaching Journal | Consultant – USOC Coaching Education.
  • Michael Joyner MD, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. He has done extensive work in Physiology of Elite Athletes. Elite athletic performances are experiments in nature on the limits of human physiology. Dr. Joyner uses data from real-world competitions to understand the limits of human physiology.
  • John Pryor, Former conditioning coach Japan Rugby, now the conditioning coach for Suntory Rugby, Brumbies in Super Rugby and Fiji.
  • Jim Radcliffe, Head S&C Coach University of Oregon, a pioneer and a true master of the profession.
  • Martin Bingisser, HMMR Media, Swiss National Hammer Throw Coach
  • Nick Garcia, Athletic Development Coach & Assistant Track Coach, Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California
  • Steve Magness, Head Cross Country and Assistant Track Coach University of Houston
  • Bill Knowles, ATC Philadelphia Union Academy and HP Sports. Pioneer in reconditioning and return to play.
  • Ed Ryan, ATC Head Trainer US Women’s Olympic Basketball Team, Formerly Head of Sports Medicine at USOC
  • Randy Ballard, , ATC , Director of Integrated Performance, University of Illinois
  • Joe Przytula, ATC Supervisor of Physical Education and Health, and athletic trainer with Elizabeth Public Schools, Elizabeth New Jersey USA.
  • Greg Thompson, Elementary Physical Education Teacher Farmington Michigan, Currently Athletic Development and Age Group Head Coach, Livonia City Soccer Club
  • Steve Myrland, District Performance Coach for Athletics, District Wellness Director Middleton Wisconsin School District

Our Partners

Their generosity makes it possible to have the quality faculty we have.

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