Pan American Junior Championships (Peru) Results

Over the weekend the top two finishers from the US Junior Championships competed against the best throwers from North and South America at the 2017 Pan American Junior Championships in Peru. US Junior champion Joshua Hernandez of Sam Houston State University came from behind to take the lead in the fourth round and held on to win gold in the junior men’s competition. Cameron Thompson of Connecticut missed out on a medal by just one foot and finished fourth.

Canadian junior record holder Camryn Rogers won the women’s competition. The University of Michigan’s Courtney Jacobsen was the top American in sixth place, just one foot away from the podium. Alyssa Wilson (Donovan Catholic, Toms River, NJ) placed ninth.

Pan American U20 Track and Field Championships
7/21 to 7/23/2017     
Chan Chan Stadium, Trujillo, Peru                        
Male Hammer Throw
   Jr. World: $ 85.57m  7/14/2012   Ashraf Amgad ELSEIFY, QAT
   PanAm U20: @ 80.21m  2015        HUMBERTO MANSILLA, CHILE
    Name              Age Team                    Finals
  1 Joshua Hernandez   19 United States           72.55m     238-00
      FOUL  66.55m  69.19m  71.77m  72.55m  FOUL
  2 Miguel A Zamora H  18 Cuba                    72.03m     236-04
      69.25m  70.40m  70.88m  FOUL  72.03m  FOUL
  3 Alencar Chagas Pe  18 Brazil                  67.14m     220-03
      61.96m  67.14m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL
  4 Cameron Thompson   19 United States           66.84m     219-03
      61.31m  66.84m  FOUL  FOUL  FOUL  65.88m
  5 Cristhian S Suare  18 Ecuador                 65.24m     214-00
      61.15m  65.24m  63.66m  63.59m  FOUL  61.64m
  6 Roberto Montiel    18 Chile                   63.55m     208-06
      61.84m  62.32m  62.28m  62.28m  61.92m  63.55m
  7 Rowan Hamilton     17 Canada                  61.77m     202-08
      61.77m  52.21m  57.86m  54.71m  57.95m  FOUL
  8 Vikramjit Gondora  18 Canada                  61.57m     202-00
      60.83m  FOUL  61.08m  61.57m  FOUL  FOUL
  9 Enrique A Martine  19 El Salvador             60.13m     197-03
      59.06m  FOUL  60.13m
 10 Felix Pacheco      17 Venezuela               57.22m     187-09
      FOUL  57.22m  FOUL

Female Hammer Throw
   Jr. World: $ 73.24m  6/24/2005   Wenxiu ZHANG, CHN
   PanAm U20: @ 64.80m  2005        ARASAY TONDIKE, USA
    Name              Age Team                    Finals
  1 Camryn Rogers      18 Canada                  63.42m     208-01
      62.44m  61.31m  63.42m  61.91m  57.98m  FOUL
  2 Ayamey Medina Roca 19 Cuba                    62.18m     204-00
      62.18m  FOUL  60.19m  FOUL  60.94m  61.67m
  3 Mariana Garcia     18 Chile                   58.90m     193-03
      57.27m  58.90m  FOUL  58.50m  FOUL  58.54m
  4 Ana L Bayer        19 Brazil                  58.70m     192-07
      FOUL  57.04m  58.70m  52.94m  FOUL  FOUL
  4 Chanell Botsis     19 Canada                  58.70m     192-07
      56.21m  55.69m  57.74m  56.69m  57.41m  58.70m
  6 Courtney Jacobsen  19 United States           58.60m     192-03
      55.82m  55.64m  FOUL  FOUL  53.36m  58.60m
  7 Ximena J Zorilla   17 Peru                    53.93m     176-11
      FOUL  FOUL  51.84m  51.54m  52.44m  53.93m
  8 Dennise L Jacobo   18 Mexico                  53.59m     175-10
      52.23m  52.94m  51.45m  52.43m  FOUL  53.59m
  9 Alyssa Wilson      18 United States           51.53m     169-01
      FOUL  51.53m  FOUL
 10 Josefa Munoz       16 Chile                   48.53m     159-03
      48.53m  FOUL  46.41m
 11 Federica Bournissen17 Uruguay                 43.51m     142-09
      43.51m  FOUL  42.29m