Region 13 USATF Junior Olympic Championship (WA) Results

Throwers from across the Pacific Northwest traveled to Spokane this weekend for the Region 13 USATF Junior Olympic Championship. The highlight of the meet was nothing less than a national freshman class record from Trey Knight (Ridgefield, WA). Knight entered the competition as one of the top freshman of all-time. Already in the first round he added five feet to his best. In round three, he went even further and measured 218’8″. That added 16 feet to his pre-meet best and five feet to the national record. All six of his throws were over his old best.

The previous national freshman class record was set 11 years ago by Conor McCullough with a throw of 213’00”. McCullough of course went on to set the overall high school record before graduating in 2009 and then making the 2016 Olympics.

There were also several other great marks at the competition, including a nice toss by junior Hawa Mahama (Pullman, WA) to win the girl’s 17-18 year old division.

USATF Region 13 Junior Olympic Championships
Central Valley High School, Spokane Valley, WA

Hammer Throw 12# 15-16 Division Boys
    Name                     Age Team               Finals  
  1 Trey Knight               15 Evergreen Storm    66.66m
  2 Jackson Gibbon            16 Unattached         35.25m
  3 Gaven Freeland            16 Thriller T&F       32.96m

Hammer Throw 12# 17-18 Division Boys
    Name                     Age Team               Finals  
  1 Joshua Eiland             18 Unattached         50.77m
  2 Scott Bonagofski          18 Unattached         47.65m
  3 Joeseph Kirk Woodbury     17 High Voltage       44.04m
  4 Benton James              18 Legacy Track Club  43.68m
  5 Garrett Peoples           18 Spokane Speed      39.67m
  6 Bryce Bryant-Leat         18 Spokane Speed      39.11m
  7 Dillon Humphries          17 Tahoma Track Club  34.94m
  8 Maliq Phakdymanivong      18 Legacy Track Club  29.31m

Hammer Throw 4k 15-16 Division Girls
    Name                     Age Team               Finals  
  1 Alyssa Walls              16 SuperThrower TC    42.31m
  2 Tara Koonce               16 Unattached         41.88m
  3 Lala Belle Frketich       16 SuperThrower TC    38.55m
  4 Ava David                 15 SuperThrower TC    35.01m
  5 Carissa Stovall           16 Unattached         34.76m
  6 Anessa Chirgwin           15 SuperThrower TC    34.70m
  7 Patricia Bates            16 Unattached         33.52m
  8 Kiley Braulik             16 Tahoma Track Club  28.84m
  9 Lydia Robison             16 Cascade Striders   23.34m
 10 Andrea Harteloo           16 Thriller T&F       21.24m
 11 Mackenzie Allen           15 Unattached         15.87m

Hammer Throw 4k 17-18 Division Girls
    Name                     Age Team               Finals  
  1 Hawa Mahama		      17 Comets Track       43.61m
  2 Gabriella Frost           18 Tahoma Track Club  42.89m
  3 Karlee Freeman            17 Team Evolution     41.68m
  4 Robbi Morrison            18 Amity Track        36.10m
  5 Jordynn Slater            18 Unattached         35.99m
  6 Savannah Seaman           18 Unattached         34.56m
  7 Emily Maples              18 Amity Track        32.83m
  8 Jada Pierce               17 Albina Roadrunners 31.22m
  9 Emily Reeder              17 Thriller T&F       30.18m
 10 Samara Nelson             18 Unattached         29.81m
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