Old Coach, Young Coach

As a young coach, I was sure I knew everything and I was dumb enough to tell everyone who would listen and some who would not. I thought a lot of the old coaches were out of it, behind the times. They did not subscribe to the latest fads and speak in fancy jargon, they just consistently produced results. My biggest regret is taking too long to figure this out.

Those old coaches knew what they did know and they did it very well. They seldom if ever strayed from the basics. When they did speak, it was with wisdom and authority. Most of the time they just listened and occasionally asked questions. When they did ask a question, it was very incisive and to the point. It was something they wanted to know. Now as an old coach I realize there is so much more that I don’t know than I do know. As I continue the journey I am working on closing the gap. Learning to ask better questions and eternally thankful for the continuing opportunity. Be sure to listen to those old coaches they probably have made mistakes you don’t have to repeat.

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