Using sticks and straps to build strength

October is coming to an end, and with that our theme of “back to the basics.” We are saving the best for last and this weekend we released our latest webinar. Through a new joint venture with Vern Gambetta and GAIN, we are bringing members video world-class presentations from GAIN, starting with sticks and straps from Steve Myrland.

Introducting GAINtalks

GAIN is a coaching network offering coaches a community to grow, and annual events to learn and network. The annual flagship GAIN event takes place in June with details announced in December. The week-long event brings together top coaches from around the world to share best practices on athletic development, sports medicine, the art of coaching, and more. We couldn’t recommend it more highly.

This year was the 10th edition of GAIN and Vern has accumulated a decade’s worth of video presentations. HMMR Media has now teamed together with GAIN to help bring some of the GAIN content to our HMMR Plus members. In our GAINtalks, we sit down to chat with GAIN faculty members and then share their presentations. First up is coach Steve Myrland’s 2015 presentation on sticks and straps.

Myrland has been on the GAIN faculty sine the beginning. He is currently the Wellness Director and District Performance Coach for Athletics at Middleton School District in Wisconsin. He was formerly the strength and conditioning coach at the NHL’s San Jose Sharks and the University of Wisconsin. He is also a GAIN faculty member. He was also a guest on Episode 25 of the GAINcast.

Simple tools for complex problems

In our video we spend 28 minutes discussing best practices and what is behind the approach. Then we include 36 minutes of practical demonstration from GAIN 2015. HMMR Plus members can view the video here. Sticks and straps are versatile tools that can be used in large groups, taken anywhere, and apply a lot of load if used correctly. Here are some highlights from Myrland:

Become a member and watch the GAINtalk to learn more.