KYA High School Indoor Classic (TN) Results

Some of Georgia’s top throwers travelled north to Eastern Tennessee State University this weekend. At the KYA High School Indoor Classic, Tanner Duffin (Chamblee, GA) moved into the nation’s top five with a big indoor improvement. Kyle Brown (West Forsyth, Cumming, GA) also improved just inches behind him. National leader Javon Joyner (Norcross, GA) was off of her top form, but still easily won. Victoria Solheim (Paulding County, Dallas, GA) also broke 50 feet for the first time to move into the nation’s top 10.

2018 KYA HS Indoor Classic
Johnson City, TN
Boy’s Weight Throw
PL Athlete Yr. Team Mark English
1 DUFFIN, Tanner JR Throw1Deep Club 20.54m 67’4.75″
2 BROWN, Kyle JR Throw1Deep Club 20.40m 66’11.25″
3 ANDERSON, Jermaine SR Peach State Throwers 17.70m 58’1″
4 ELLIS, Jamal JR Throw1Deep Club 17.65m 57’11”
5 FINEBERG, Scott SR Throw1Deep Club 17.35m 56’11.25″
6 WILKINS, Jacob SR Unattached 17.26m 56’7.50″
7 EDGE, Robert SR Throw1Deep Club 16.78m 55’0.75″
8 LOPER, Justyn JR Peach State Throwers 16.75m 54’11.50″
9 GRANGER, Andrew SO Peach State Throwers 15.95m 52’4″
10 BROWN, Ethan SR Peach State Throwers 15.79m 51’9.75″
11 SIMS, Thomas JR Peach State Throwers 15.70m 51’6.25″
12 SULLIVAN, Jeremiah JR Unattached 14.61m 47’11.25″
13 VALLIERE, Kaleb SO Peach State Throwers 14.01m 45’11.75″
14 HAYES, Micah SO Hardin Valley Academy 13.87m 45’6.25″
15 DARE, Elijah FR Peach State Throwers 11.80m 38’8.75″
16 SCHOFIELD, Cameron JR Hardin Valley Academy 10.88m 35’8.50″
17 SCHROEDER, Dominic FR Unattached 10.38m 34’0.75″
18 BOATMAN, Tristan FR Unattached 9.77m 32’0.75″
19 SALYER, Ian FR Hardin Valley Academy 8.26m 27’1.25″
20 FILIPKOWSKI, Luke SO Hardin Valley Academy 6.90m 22’7.75″
HILL, Curtis SR Throw1Deep Club NM
HART, Adam SR Unattached NM
ROBERTS, Omar SR Peach State Throwers NM
DEL BAGNO, Jeffrey SR Throw1Deep Club NM
Girl’s Weight Throw
PL Athlete Yr. Team Mark English
1 JOYNER, Javon SR Throw1Deep Club 16.92m 55’6.25″
2 SOLHEIM, Victoria SR Throw1Deep Club 15.40m 50’6.25″
3 MALLETT, Shannah JR Throw1Deep Club 15.05m 49’4.50″
4 RUSSELL, Soteria SR Throw1Deep Club 14.60m 47’11”
5 FRAKER, Addie SR Throw1Deep Club 14.49m 47’6.50″
6 JACKSON, Hannah JR Throw1Deep Club 13.94m 45’9″
7 JOHNSON, Morgan JR Peach State Throwers 13.38m 43’10.75″
8 HEFLIN, Schuyler SO Throw1Deep Club 12.93m 42’5.25″
9 MCDANIEL, Kori SR Throw1Deep Club 12.46m 40’10.50″
10 ABDURRAHMAN, Siddeeqa JR Throw1Deep Club 12.18m 39’11.50″
11 GRIGENAS, Karena JR Throw1Deep Club 12.15m 39’10.50″
12 CRUZ, Giselle JR Throw1Deep Club 12.07m 39’7.25″
13 BIGGS, Katie FR Unattached 11.73m 38’6″
14 WILLIAMS, Colleen SR Throw1Deep Club 10.64m 34’11”
15 MARSH, Jada FR Unattached 10.16m 33’4″
16 SCHROEDER, Jaycee SO Unattached 9.93m 32’7″
17 PRESCOTT, Mandy JR Hardin Valley Academy 9.71m 31’10.25″
DANIELSSON, Emily JR Throw1Deep Club NM
BENSON, Anjonae FR Hardin Valley Academy NM
GODFREY, Latifah SR Peach State Throwers NM
ROBERTS, O’Niece FR Peach State Throwers NM