The trilogy continues

For good reason, the first two volume’s of Anatoliy Bondarchuk’s Transfer of Training series have become classics in the world of sports training. By trying to better define how improvements in different exercises translate to performance in track and field events (and beyond), Bondarchuk has helped coaches shine a critical light on whether or not their training is truly helping their athletes get better. Weight room numbers might be going up, but at the end of the day what really matters is whether an athlete improves at their sport.  A decade ago the word transfer was rarely used; the fact that it is now thrown around in nearly every sport is a testament to the impact of Bondarchuk’s work.

This month, the third volume in the Transfer of Training series was released and is now for sale in the HMMR Media store. You can check out the complete table of contents and order the book here. You can also also catch up on the previous books by reading our review of Volume 1 and review of Volume 2.

Transfer will be our monthly theme in February, so stay tuned for a review of the new book and a lot more content on the topic. In the meantime you can explore the related January theme of testing with great articles by Bryan Mann and Craig Pickering, podcasts with top German and Swiss coaches, and more to come before the month ends.