Announcing the GAIN 2018 faculty

Our faculty is a very special group with a tremendous breadth of experiences and a track record of excellence in their chosen fields. They know how a performance team works, how all aspects of athletic development complement each other and most importantly they understand the process of developing athletes. The faculty and their willingness to share and interact make GAIN special. They know how to connect the dots and still stay grounded in the basics. They completely live the GAIN Mission which is: To focus on the possibilities for enhancing human movement with no limits or limitations and emphasize connections and links between all disciplines in the same manner we emphasize connections and linkages in the body.

GAIN XI is June 12 to 16, 2018 at Rice University in Houston Texas. Apply as soon as possible. For more information and to apply, click here or go to

Who are the faculty?

Vern Gambetta, Founder of GAIN Network, Currently Director of Gambetta Sports Training Systems. Vern brings 49 years of experience having worked with sport at all levels of competition.

Peter Weyand, PhD Professor of Applied Physiology and Biomechanics at SMU One of the world’s foremost experts on human performance, Peter is a frequent source for journalists worldwide on the topic of performance limits such as how fast humans can run.

John Pryor, Former conditioning coach Japan Rugby, now the conditioning coach for Fiji Rugby and The Brumbies in Super Rugby. John has developed a system for blending speed and strength development based on his experience and incorporating the concepts of Frans Bosch that apply to all sports. He is not afraid to challenge conventional thinking.

Jim Radcliffe, Head S&C Coach University of Oregon, a pioneer and a true master of the profession. In his thirty plus years at University of Oregon he has worked with championships team in a variety of sports. Jim began as a high school coach and teacher who never strays far from the basics.

Martin Bingisser, HMMR Media, Swiss National Hammer Throw Coach, many time Swiss national hammer throw champion. Martin is the founder of HMMR Media, an online coach’s education platform, and co-host of the GAINcast and HMMR Podcast. He is also active as a coach, servicing as the Swiss national coach in the hammer throw, throwing coach for LC Zurich, and fitness coach for GC Rugby Zurich. Martin is a graduate of University of Washington and is a practicing lawyer in Zurich Switzerland.

Grace Golden PhD, is currently is a Senior Lecturer & Program Director for the Graduate Athletic Training Program at the University of Oregon. Her education includes BS in Physical Education/Teacher Preparation (University of Oregon, 1989), MS in Physical Education/Athletic Training (University of Oregon, 1991) and a PhD in Exercise and Sport Science (Oregon State University, 2007). She has been Head Women’s Athletic Trainer (University of Nevada-Las Vegas, 1997-2000), Assistant Athletic Trainer (Stanford University, 2000-2001), Associate Head Athletic Trainer (UCLA, 2007-2009) and Clinically focused on lower extremity screening and long-term rehabilitation of ACL injuries, her philosophy and approach are strongly influenced by emphasizing the existing intersections of fundamental movement skill development, motor learning theory, and apt performance programming in active individuals who have experienced lower extremity injury in order to emphasize physical literacy & athletic performance and the potential to prevent injuries.

Nick Garcia, Athletic Development Coach & Assistant Track Coach, Notre Dame High School, Sherman Oaks, California. An accomplished athlete himself Nick has developed an outstanding athletic development at Notre Dame high school where he works with all sixteen sports. He earned his bachelor’s degree and his master’s in Physical Education from Cal State Northridge.

Steve Magness, performance coach, author, and lecturer. He currently serves as a coach to 20 professional runners, is the Head Cross Country coach at the University of Houston and a Lecturer of Strength and Conditioning at St. Mary’s University, UK. As a writer, He just published two books, Peak Performance with co-author Brad Stulberg and The Science of Running.

Dan Noble, Athletic Development Coach at The Hill Academy. He is the owner of Noble Sports & Performance and directs our offseason programming through Hill Performance Training. Recently, Coach Noble served as the Director of Athletic Performance for the Chinese Women’s National Ice Hockey Program. Dan specializes in fostering the development of elite athletes through a process that focuses on mastering efficient movement patterns, mechanics and creating sustainable, adaptable athletes

Bill Knowles, Director of Reconditioning and Athletic Development for HPSports, is world-renowned in the field of Sports Reconditioning and Athletic Development. As a specialist with years of experience at the Professional, Olympic, and Elite Junior levels of sport; he specializes in developing injury prevention, performance training and reconditioning strategies for athletes and teams. Bill has lectured and trained staff around the world on his concepts of managing joint compromised athletes in their quest for a return to competition following injury. He has equally presented an adolescent model of injury prevention and performance for soccer players. Bill works consistently with the Philadelphia Union Academy in Major League Soccer/USA. Bill has worked with governing bodies of sport such as the RFU (England Rugby), The FA, Australian Institute of Sport, Chinese Olympic Committee, US Soccer, US Skiing, The England Institute of Sport, and the NCAA. He has trained athletes and staff from over sixty professional teams throughout North America, Europe, and Australia.

Ryan Podell, sports science/conditioning coach for the Indianapolis Colts. Before that he was sports scientist with the Portland Trail Blazers where he was responsible for collecting and managing all training information and data to create more efficient ways to develop players. He earned his bachelor’s degree in exercise science and his master’s in sports performance from Ball State University.

Ed Ryan, ATC serves The Andrews Institute as the Director of Athletic Medicine providing service on behalf of Nemours Children’s Hospital to the US Tennis Association’s National Campus in Orlando Florida. Ryan served as the 2007-16 USA Basketball Women’s National Team athletic trainer and medical services coordinator for all USA Basketball teams. A 21-year member of the U.S. Olympic Committee (USOC) Sports Medicine staff, Ed served as the Medical Director and head athletic trainer for numerous events, including the Winter Olympics, Summer Olympics, Winter Paralympics, and the Pan American Games.

Homayun Gharavi MD studied medicine and sports science at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. He is the founder of the German Academy of Applied Sports Medicine (DAASM) based in Regensburg. He developed an innovative elastic sling training system, the 4D PRO Reaction Trainer.

James Marshall is the Head Coach of Excelsior Athletic Development Club based in Willand, Devon UK. Having been employed as a strength and conditioning coach within professional rugby and with several National Governing Bodies he decided to set up his own club. He now coaches gymnastics, athletics and weight lifting to young people in the local area. His special interests are in understanding movement and coach education. A GAIN regular attendee since 2010.

Randy Ballard, ATC, Director of Integrated Performance He oversees the collaborative efforts of I-Perform, which includes representation from the Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning and Sports Nutrition units to promote an integrated athletic department that provides student-athletes and teams with programming and resources for optimal performance, athletic development and global wellness. Ballard was integral in the creation of the I-Perform program, which launched in the spring of 2014 with the goal of putting forth a unified approach to student-athlete health, well-being and performance. Randy is a graduate of Kansas State and has a master’s degree in kinesiology from the University of Texas.

Joe Przytula, ATC (AKA Mr. GAIN) is currently the Supervisor of Physical Education and Health at Elizabeth Public Schools USA- the second largest school district in the state of New Jersey. Prior to 2012, he was the head Athletic Trainer and a physical education teacher. He graduated from Montclair State College with a BS in physical education with a concentration in athletic training. He was NJSIAA athletic trainer of the year in 1998, recipient of the Governor’s teacher award in 2008, and NJAHPERD Active Schools Champion in 2018. Joe’s model of athletic development and rehabilitation is strongly influenced by manual therapy, the Gambetta Method, and physical therapists David Tiberio and Gary Gray. He has extensive involvement in improving community access to nutritious food, and engineering walkability/bikeability back into neighborhoods.

Landon Evans director of sports science in the Department of Athletics at the University of Iowa; a strength & conditioning coach for the track & field program; and an active research member with the Virtual Soldier Research program within the College of Engineering. He has also served as the sports nutrition coordinator for the Department of Athletics.

Greg Thompson has been teaching and coaching for over 30 years. He has degrees from Alma College and Wayne State University. He currently teaches elementary Physical Education at Longacre Elementary in the Farmington Public School District in the suburban Detroit. Since coming to Farmington, he has served as K-12 Physical Education Coordinator and Department Chair. In addition to his teaching duties, he serves as Acting Principal. His programs have earned two EDEX awards, one for assessment and one for “Rise and Shine”, his before-school exercise program. In 2014 he received the Governor’s Champion for Health award from the Governor’s Fitness Council. Since 2010, he has been a member of the GAIN faculty. As a coach, Greg has successfully completed the USSF “A” License as well as the NSCAA Advanced National Diploma. He has performed as Director of Coaching for the Livonia Soccer Club and the Dexter Soccer Club. He is currently with Michigan Rush-Northville as Athletic Development Director. At the collegiate level, he has worked with Schoolcraft College Men’s Soccer, Madonna University Men’s Soccer, and currently with University of Michigan Men’s Club Soccer. Coach Thompson was recognized with Madonna University’s coaching staff as NAIA Regional Coaching Staff of the year.

Steve Myrland, District Performance Coach for Athletics, District Wellness Director Middleton Wisconsin School District. Steve is an innovative thinker who can connect the dots like no other. He has worked as an athletic development coach in the NHL and at the University level including National Championship teams in Soccer and Ice Hockey at University of Wisconsin.

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