Some thoughts to stimulate thought

Respect is earned not bought.

Knowledge and wisdom eventually win out over hype and promotion.

Coaching is special because of the impact you can have lives and the daily lesson you learn.

I coached 23 years before I produced my first video – it took me that long to learn something that I could share.

I am an idealist. I dream of the way things should be and try to make it happen.

Knowledge without passion is wasted; people do their best when they are passionlessly engaged.

There is no set formula for training; there are principles that are highly adaptive and adaptable.

Understanding context is essential.

There are few new ideas, they are just old ideas repackaged.

Specialize in being a generalist.

Research and science are wonderful, but they must be tempered with practice and common sense.

Coaching is talking, listening, seeing, and doing. It is totally multidimensional. It is not about me, it is about we and us.

Friendship is special, cherish your friends.

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