HMMR Podcast Episode 153: Sprinting myths (with Brian FitzGerald)

When it comes to high school sprinting, few can match the credentials of Brian FitzGerald. The 2016 USA Today national track coach of the year has led athletes to California state titles in each of the past four decades, including athletes named Athlete of the Year by Track and Field News. When coaching beginners it is important to know the basics. It is also important to know the myths that people wrongly pass off as the basics. On this episode FitzGerald dispels some of those myths and explains his five-step approach to teaching sprint mechanics.

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Notes and quotes

FitzGerald recently retired after 37 years teach and coaching at Rio Mesa High School in Oxnard, California. During that time his teams he led the boys’ and girls’ teams to 55 league titles, 5 Southern Section Championships, and the girls’ State Championship in 1988. His sprinters achieved the most accolades, including multiple state relay titles and some of the following highlights:

  • Angela Burnham ran 11.28 in the 1980s, winning 5 state titles and was twice Track and Field News Athlete of the Year;
  • Marion Jones began her high school career at Rio Mesa, where she ran 11.17 and 22.76 as a 15 year old, and was named the 1991 Track and Field News Athlete of the Year;
  • Zaria Francis clocked 11.26 and 23.09 in 2015 and is currently running at USC.

On the episode he shared some of his thoughts on sprinting technique and coaching technique.

Myths in sprinting
Teaching mechanics

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