HMMR Podcast Episode 158: Train hard, train often (with Matt Price)

Every sport has its own training culture, and it is a difficult balancing act to try and implement your plan without alienating the status quo. After returning to hockey, strength coach Matt Price of the Los Angeles Kings has taken many small steps to fit his ideas into the sport’s existing framework. After four years, the small steps add up into a cultural shift. Price joined us on this week’s podcast to discuss his approach to training, loading, and shares examples from some of the methods he uses with the Kings.

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Notes and quotes

Matt Price just finished up his fourth season as the head strength and conditioning coach of the NHL’s Los Angeles Kings. Prior to that work as seven years as the head strength coach for Alpine Canada and played hockey himself. We covered a variety of topics on the podcast, including working with a sport’s culture, managing training loads, and we looked specifically at various training methods he uses with the Kings.

Opening thoughts
Managing training loads
Training methods and ideas

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