May 2018 in review: training speed

The old saying goes “you can’t teach speed.” Or, I should say, that’s how the old myth goes. Not everyone can be Usain Bolt, but everyone can get faster and, no matter the sport, speed is crucial. Unfortunately the topic of speed is surrounded by gurus, myths, and misinformation. Throughout the month we have looked in depth at training speed by cutting through the bullshit and sharing best practices to help coaches learn how to train speed better.

Below you will find an overview of all our new resources on the topic. In addition, we have included links to videos, podcasts, and articles from our archive on the topic. For more, you can also visit the speed topic page on our site.

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Resources on training speed

New podcasts
  • HMMR Podcast 153: Brian FitzGerald dispels sprinting myths and explains his approach to teaching mechanics
  • GAINcast 115: Vern Gambetta’s take on training speed efficiently and effectively
  • GAINcast 119: Looking at resisted and assisted sprinting methods
  • HMMR Podcast 154: JB Morin explains force-velocity profiling and research on specific strength for sprinting

Archived videos and articles

Archived articles and podcasts