Official trailer for the Bondarchuk project

Dr. Anatoliy Bondarchuk is one of the revolutionary minds in the field of periodization. As both a academic and a world-class coach, his methods have produced world and Olympic champions by allowing individualization to be built into a system. Unfortunately his writings are not always easy to decipher, but on July 1st I am launching a new online course that will help remedy that. Check out on July 1st for the finished product.

The Bondarchuk project

The entire course will offer 12 hours of video and additional resources looking at all aspects of Bondarchuk’s approach to planning, from developing individual training session, utilizing exercise classification and variation, constructing a season plan, optimizing feedback, peaking, and multiple case studies. Here’s a quick look at the scope of the project:

A sneak peak at maintaining a peak

To give you an idea of the depth each topic is discussed, here is an example of one method of maintaining a peak through the competitive season through the strategic use of change:

Podcast preview

This month on the HMMR Media podcast I talked joined Nick and Martin to discuss some of the topics covered in the course: exercise selection and rest phases. You can listen to our entire conversation below.