Where are the heroes?

Are there any heroes left? I have a few but frankly most of my heroes are dead. A hero is special, they stand above the crowd, they speak up and act for what they believe in.

Some of my heroes today are the young athletes I work with that I see working their tails off without adulation, money or public attention to pursue their dream of being the best they can be.

My heroes are the coaches who work with these young athletes dedicating countless hours to offer guidance through the growth process. My heroes today are teachers who labor in anonymity to teach our future leaders and responsible citizens. They do this for relatively low pay and little recognition, yet they are the cornerstone of our future.

Take a minute today and recognize the heroes in your life. Look around they are there, don’t look on the front page of newspaper or on sport center they probably aren’t there. They are neighbors and your friends, the one who get the job done.

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