HMMR Podcast Episode 162: Find the right fit (with Boo Schexnayder)

Coach Boo Schexnayder found an interesting situation last year: LSU had asked him to step in and help coach events he hadn’t worked with in decades. The transition was easy for him in part because his training is based on the individual, not the event. He’s used that approach to produce world-class jumpers for decades, and this year it help produced some top throwers too. On this episode of the podcast Schexnayder joins us to discuss his approach to individualization and finding the right fit for an athlete.

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Notes and quotes

Schexnayder has a long and distinguished resume as a track and field coach. Perhaps most noted for the 12 years he spent as a coach at LSU, Schexnayder has worked and coached at all levels from high school to professional athletes. As a college coach he produced 19 NCAA champions and numerous more all-Americans. He also coached world champion triple jumper Walter Davis, Olympic medliast John Moffitt in the long jump, and many other world-class athletes. As an educator he formerly served as national chair of USATF’s Coaching Education Committee and founded of the Track and Field Academy.

In addition to several topics about individualization, Schexnayder also looked at coaches education, posture, and injury rehabilitation.

Individualization and sports-specific training
Coaches education and other topics

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