The path to the premiership

On last week’s GAINcast, Lachlan Penfold took us on a journey through his career working. Penfold is a master of setting up a performance environment, and his results in a variety of different sports is proof of that. One stop on that journey was with the Sydney Roosters, a professional rugby league competing in Australia’s National Rugby League. He worked as head of performance and science for three seasons that culminated in the 2013 premiership title. Since then has worked for Australian 7s rugby, the Golden State Warriors, and currently with the Melbourne Storm, who he has also helped win a premiership title in the National Rugby League.

Back at the 2014 GAIN conference, Penfold presented about his experience with the Roosters. Through our partnership with GAIN, HMMR Plus members can now watch Penfold’s presentation in its entirety in the HMMR Classroom. This is the latest content he have put together around our August theme of Rugby. If you want to learn more, also check out our podcast interview with James de Lacey, his article on combat conditioning, thoughts on breaking down complex sports, and more.

In the presentation, Penfold starts our by discussion the sport of rugby league and the situation he walked into. After a discussion of how he analyzed the situation and where he started out, he then provides detailed insight into some of the strategies he implemented, including player monitoring, creating loading parameters and feedback mechanisms, the role of GPS in training, and speed development. If you are looking for insights on how to develop a performance environment, programming for team sports, or best practices in using technology, check out the full presentation and you won’t be disappointed.