Bosch and Pryor are coming to America

Frans Bosch and John Pryor are coming to America. This December, the two top coaches will be presenting a series of seminars on the east and west coast. Frans Bosch’s 2015 book Strength Training and Coordination: An Integrative Approach started a new conversation about how to train movement and strength. John Pryor has been one of the pioneers in implementing this approach, first guiding Japan Rugby to historic results at the 2015 Rugby World Cup and now working with Fiji and several top international clubs. Both will be presenting on the theory and practice on the following dates.

Seminar details

» Details and registration is available here.

The anatomy of agility

  • December 8-9 – Notre Dame High School in Los Angeles
  • December 14-15 – University of North Carolina

Injury prevention & rehabilitation

  • December 6-7 – Velocity Sports Performance in Los Angeles
  • December 12-13 – University of North Carolina

Sneak preview

Over the next few weeks we’ll be presenting a little preview of what you can expect on the upcoming seminars, with some new podcasts, articles, and videos lined up. Stay tuned. In the meantime, both Pryor and Bosch were interviewed in my new book Right Carousel Arrow
Training Talk: Conversations With a Dozen Master Coaches
. We also have several other additional resources from both of them: