Commonalities of movement

Human movement is fundamentally beautiful and flowing. Step back and look at sports from a movement perspective, not a sport skill perspective, you will see a commonality in movement, a beauty and a flow. Start with walking gait. Overserve the opposition of the arms and legs and the counter rotation of the shoulders and the hips. Look for this across movements. Gait is a great place to start! All throws look fundamentally the same, all jumps look the same, acceleration, regardless of the sport looks the same. The only thing that changes is the implement, the surface and the uniform in the sport. When I coach I look for the commonalities in movements and coach those commonalities. All sports involve some combination of the following movements: running, jumping, throwing, pushing, pulling, reaching, lifting, bending, extending, stopping and starting.

When I set out to design and implement an effective training program I am aware of all these movements and how they efficiently blend and flow into athletic skill. In order to effectively design a training program, it is necessary to train fundamental movement skill before we train specific sport skill. This is contrary to the typical approach where sport skill is taught early and the sport is used as conditioning. Specific sport skill is blending of a series of basic movements into the whole. That is our objective. Start with a vision of what we want the athlete to look like at the end of the training program and then break it down into incremental progressive parts to arrive at the point, but never lose sight of the whole.

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