Living and learning

Life is about learning, when you stop learning you stop living. My love of learning was instilled in me by my mother who had been denied an education but placed a high premium on it. It was exciting growing up discovering new worlds and expanding my horizon. There was always something new to learn and explore well beyond the confines of the classroom.

Learning is not a direct function of formal education. Formal education is just that, formal. In fact, deep learning is informal, messy and chaotic. To learn is to go where your passion and curiosity leads you is very Sherlockian, solving mysteries, not completing puzzles.

After fifty years on my professional journey I am more excited than ever to keep learning, growing and challenging myself to learn new ideas and challenge old ones. To always seek to understand why. It has taken me this long to learn what I don’t know and to make connections between disparate ideas. In today’s world there are opportunities to learn more and faster than ever before. We can now make instant connections that we were unable to do ten, twenty or thirty years ago.

The past few months have been a time of reflection and contemplation. My brother’s passing only served to remind me that that time on this planet is limited and that I have more yesterdays than tomorrows. In that time my goal is to keep learning and sharing the lessons that I have learned.

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