Rhode Island Indoor State Championships Results

Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) has been steadily improving over the last month, finally taking the state lead last week. At Saturday’s Rhode Island State Championships, he continued his hot streak with an even bigger improvement. On his first attempt he added three feet to his personal best and easily held on for the win by more than six feet. Cole Hooper (Cumberland, RI) also threw a personal best for second place, as six throwers broke 65 feet. In the girl’s competition Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) also led from start to finish, with all six of her throws good enough to win. After leading the state all season, she was the clear favorite to win and came through. Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) took second, and teammate Sydney Polando (Barrington, RI) won a tiebreaker for third over a personal best from Erynn Field (North Kingstown, RI).

         Rhode Island Indoor Track & Field State Championships
                 Providence Career & Technical Academy
                            Providence, RI

                       Saturday February 16, 2019

Boys Weight Throw
State Record: # 83-03.25  02/12/2015  Adam Kelly, Barrington                   
 Meet Record: % 81-08.75  02/20/2000  Josh McCaughey, Bishop Hendricken       
    Facility: @ 83-00.00  01/21/2015  Adam Kelly, Barrington                   
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Kyle Moison               JR Lincoln               74-10.75     22.82m 
  2 Cole Hooper               SR Cumberland            68-05.50     20.86m 
  3 Logan Coles               SO Woonsocket            67-09.75     20.66m 
  4 Brian Neal                SR Rogers                67-04.00     20.52m 
  5 Ryan Morel                SR Bishop Hendricken     67-00.75     20.44m 
  6 Jacob Furland             SR Classical             66-06.50     20.28m 
  7 William Cauley            JR Barrington            62-10.50     19.16m 
  8 Phil Coppolino            JR Cumberland            61-02.50     18.65m 
  9 Lewis Roebuck             SR South Kingstown       59-00.75     18.00m 
 10 John Fay                  SO Bishop Hendricken     58-11.50     17.97m 
 11 Derin Paskanik            SR Woonsocket            58-06.75     17.84m 
 12 Nathan Desplaines         SR Woonsocket            58-06.00     17.83m 
 13 Joseph McGinn             SR La Salle Academy      57-07.50     17.56m 
 14 Jake Picard               JR Bishop Hendricken     57-03.25     17.45m 
 15 Ahamefula Ihenacho        JR Classical             56-11.50     17.36m 
 16 Logan Burda               SR Woonsocket            55-04.00     16.86m 
 17 Luis Garcia               SR Mt. Pleasant          55-03.50     16.85m 
 18 Jared Hemond              SR Lincoln               52-06.75     16.02m
Girls Weight Throw
State Record: # 63-02  02/03/2018  Gianna Rao, Ponaganset                      
 Meet Record: % 60-02  02/18/2017  Gianna Rao, Ponaganset                      
    Facility: @ 63-02  02/03/2018  Gianna Rao, Ponaganset                      
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Cheyenne Figueroa         JR Classical             59-05.25     18.11m 
  2 Annika Kelly              SR Barrington            54-02.50     16.52m 
  3 Sydney Polando            SR Barrington            50-09.50     15.48m 
  4 Erynn Field               SR North Kingstown       50-09.00     15.46m 
  5 Sarah Ortes               SO Classical             48-07.25     14.81m 
  6 Marissa Henley            SR Woonsocket            48-06.50     14.79m 
  7 Jackie Andrews            JR Lincoln               47-11.25     14.61m 
  8 Aria Rao                  SO Ponaganset            47-07.25     14.50m 
  9 Voski Armenakyan          SR Toll Gate             47-02.50     14.38m 
 10 Kendra Ezeama             JR Smithfield            46-01.00     14.04m 
 11 Ambar Nunez-Gomez         SR Classical             45-11.75     14.01m 
 12 Anna Orticerio            SR Smithfield            42-05.25     12.93m 
 13 Sophia Gallucci           SO Coventry              41-08.75     12.71m 
 14 Oladiwura Oladele         JR La Salle Academy      41-08.00     12.70m 
 15 Vennecia Mills            SR Classical             41-05.00     12.62m 
 16 Elaine Vaz Ramos          SO Central Falls         39-11.00     12.16m 
 17 Allison Plante            JR Lincoln               39-09.25     12.12m 
 18 Nicolette Ducharme        SO Cumberland            39-00.50     11.89m