Some tips to optimize the training session

Have clearly defined goals and outcomes/expectations for the session. They should be specific, observable and measurable.

Make sure the session is aligned with the theme of the larger training block.

Design the session to account for individual differences.

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Plan and execute a thorough and complete warm-up that is in alignment with the goals and objectives of the session. Warm-up should lead into the session.

Have a detailed plan including contingency plans if it does not go as planned.

Have all equipment ready and personnel assigned at least 15 minutes before the start of the session.

Have well thought out Reset (AKA Cooldown) that resets and readies the athletes up for the subsequent training session.

Use technology to complement what you are doing as a coach. Keep your eyes on the athlete not a computer screen.

Set the expectation for “PERFECT EFFORT” and demand it.

Don’t just supervise the session – COACH IT!

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