HMMR Podcast 197: Physical education (with Greg Thompson)

For many kids, their introduction to sport and physical activity comes through the school. This can be either a good or a bad thing. A good experience can set them up for a lifetime of athletic achievement and physical activity. A bad experience can turn them away from sport. On this episode of the podcast award winning PE teach Greg Thompson joins us to talk about what makes for good PE, the art of progressing young athletes, using a games-based approach, and thoughts on constraints-led training.

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Notes and quotes

Greg Thompson is an award-winning elementary school physical education teacher at Longacre Elementary in the Farmington Public School District in the suburban Detroit. In addition, he works as a performance coach and consultant. He has an USSF A License and has coached soccer at both the club and collegiate level, as well as consulted with Fiji Rugby. In addition, he has been a GAIN faculty member since 2010.

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