Not my first rodeo

In the past fifty plus years I have had the opportunity to see a lot and experience a lot. I have seen great coaches and terrible coaches. I have observed great practices and training sessions. I have observed and been subjected to practices and training sessions that I would not subject my bitterest enemy to. Why am I writing this? I am writing this because I see the current generation of younger coaches acting like they invented the wheel. What I see today in training, there is very little that is new. It is fifty-year-old or older stuff repackaged and made glitzy posted on Instagram or YouTube. I have learned that ultimately what works are those methods that are grounded in fundamentals and do not stray from the basics.

I am seventy-two years old and have been coaching for fifty years. Before that I played American football and competed in the decathlon. I am still learning and trying to grow professionally and personally. I have learned that the only way to grow is to stay curious, always ask why. Be acutely aware of what you know and what you don’t know. Be willing to experiment, to make mistakes, admit the mistakes and learn from the mistakes. I have learned that just because you can measure something does not make it meaningful. Certainly, I always need to be informed by numbers, but to default to my intuition and experience if there is any doubt.

My mission in life going forward is to share what I think know, what I don’t know as well as my experiences good and bad. To share what I am learning and why to help others get better at what they do. I know for sure there is no one way, there are many roads to Rome, some are more direct than others. Lest we forget we are coaching people who play not machines or robots. I am looking forward to a few more rodeos!

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