June 2019 in review: the barbell

The modern barbell is over a century old, but we are still exploring its use in training. Throughout June we took at the barbell, with topics ranging from lessons from top Olympic lifting coaches, to whether we even need the barbell at all. In total we produced 2 new podcast episodes and 7 new articles from 7 contributors and guests.

Below you’ll find links to all our new resources and some highlights from our archives on the topic. You can also look back on our April 2018 site theme, beyond the barbell, for a different perspective. As always, become a Plus Member to make sure you get access to all of the vast resources on the site.

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Resources on the barbell

New podcasts
  • GAINcast 162: Notorious NGBs – USA Weightlifting CEO Phil Andrews discusses the sport, strategy, and how to organically grow performance.
  • HMMR Podcast 199: Q&A – Nick and Martin discuss when the barbell or other training tools are most appropriate to use.

Archived podcasts

Talking with weightlifting coaches:

Discussions about the role of Olympic weightlifting in training:

Archived articles

Articles from our coaching team:

A multi-part roundtable on lifting: