Rhode Island State Championships Results

After battling back and forth all season, Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) and Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) continued the battle at Saturday’s Rhode Island State Championships. Moison blasted out 219 foot throw to take a big lead in round one while Coles was on thin ice with two fouls in the first two rounds. After securing a legal throw on his third attempt, Coles then improved to 222’11” in the fourth round. Moison improved in round five, but it wasn’t enough and Coles held on for the win. After setting a state record last week, Annika Kelly (Barrington, RI) returned to win the state title in the girl’s final. She didn’t just win, but won in style with her second best result ever, as well as the second best result in Rhode Island history, and a meet record.

             2019 RIIL Outdoor Track & Field Championships
                           Brown Stadium
                         Brown University
                          Providence, RI
                       Saturday June 1, 2019

 Boys Hammer Throw
State Record: # 253-03  5/29/1999   Jacob Freeman, Hendricken             
 Meet Record: % 250-10  6/4/1999    Jacob Freeman, Hendricken             
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Logan Coles               SO Woonsocket              222-11     67.94m
  2 Kyle Moison               JR Lincoln                 222-01     67.69m
  3 Ryan Morel                SR Bishop Hendricken       208-06     63.55m
  4 Jacob Furland             SR Classical               206-05     62.91m
  5 Phil Coppolino            JR Cumberland              195-11     59.71m
  6 William Cauley            JR Barrington              194-11     59.41m
  7 Derin Paskanik            SR Woonsocket              192-09     58.75m
  8 Cole Hooper               SR Cumberland              191-08     58.42m
  9 Lewis Roebuck             SR South Kingstown         187-01     57.02m
 10 Brian Neal                SR Rogers                  184-06     56.23m
 11 Jake Picard               JR Bishop Hendricken       183-10     56.03m
 12 Jesse Houle               JR Woonsocket              182-06     55.62m
 13 Sam Bond                  JR Rogers                  179-06     54.71m
 14 Luis Garcia               SR Mt Pleasant             178-00     54.25m
 15 Tarik Robinson-O'Hagan    FR Woonsocket              171-10     52.37m
 16 Michaelson Salomon        JR Mt Pleasant             171-05     52.24m
 17 Andrew Ahlborg            SR North Kingstown         168-07     51.38m
 -- Colby Cuthill             JR Bishop Hendricken         FOUL            

Girls Hammer Throw
State Record: # 190-08  5/28/2019   Annika Kelly, Barrington               
 Meet Record: % 183-06  6/01/2002   Kristen Michalski, West Warwick       
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Annika Kelly              SR Barrington              189-09%    57.83m
  2 Voski Armenakyan          SR Toll Gate               165-07     50.46m
  3 Erynn Field               SR North Kingstown         163-06     49.83m
  4 Sarah Ortes               SO Classical               162-04     49.47m
  5 Marissa Henley            SR Woonsocket              161-10     49.32m
  6 Sophia Gallucci           SO Coventry                153-11     46.91m
  7 Anna Orticerio            SR Smithfield              150-09     45.94m
  8 Madison McGloin           JR Barrington Christian A. 145-05     44.32m
  9 Cheyenne Figueroa         JR Classical               145-02     44.24m
 10 Kendra Ezeama             JR Smithfield              136-10     41.70m
 11 Amber Nunez               SR Classical               136-07     41.63m
 12 Bridget Damon             SR Woonsocket             J136-07     41.63m
 13 Nicolette Ducharme        SO Cumberland              130-04     39.72m
 14 Sydney Polando            SR Barrington              126-01     38.43m
 15 Noelia Giercia            SO Juanita Sanchez         124-03     37.87m
 16 Michaela Doro             SR East Providence         120-01     36.60m
 17 Kassidy Bernardo          JR Cumberland              113-01     34.46m
 -- Sarah Bouthillier         SR Toll Gate                 FOUL