USATF Junior National Championships (FL) Results

The USATF Junior Championships took place over the weekend. The junior championships are a unique competition as it is open to all athletes born in 2000 or later, allowing many college freshman to also enter. Junior men also throw the 6-kilogram international implement, which is more than a pound heavier than the standard high school hammer. Joseph Benedetto, a freshman at Ole Miss, won the boy’s competition with Kyle Brown (West Forsyth, Cumming, GA) as the top high school finisher in fourth place. Mayyi Mahama won the girl’s comeptition. The Penn freshman has now added more than 20 feet to her personal best from high school. Samantha Kunza (Timberland, Wentzville, MO) was the top high school thrower in fifth place.

USATF Junior Outdoor Championships
Jun 21-Jun 23, 2019
Ansin Sports Complex
Miramar, FL

Men Hammer Throw
 All get 6 attempts                                                                 
    World Jr: W 85.57m  2012        Ashraf Elseify, QAT                             
 American Jr: A 80.79m  7/25/2010   Conor McCullough                                
    U20 Meet: M 78.28m  2010        Conor McCullough, Princeton                     
    Comp#  Name                Year Team                Finals            Alternate
  1 #170 Joseph Benedetto        Ole Miss                66.99m     219-09          
      FOUL  61.98m  66.99m  FOUL  65.34m  64.79m                                    
  2 #156 Garrett Doyle           Ohio St.                64.73m     212-04          
      64.21m  64.13m  63.94m  FOUL  64.73m  FOUL                                    
  3 #222 Max Mckhann             Stanford                61.87m     203-00          
      60.70m  FOUL  FOUL  56.16m  61.87m  FOUL                                      
  4 #242 Kyle Brown              Throw1deep Club         60.81m     199-06          
      FOUL  58.17m  58.01m  60.81m  58.51m  FOUL                                    
  5 #198 Cameron Croce           Sacred Heart            60.13m     197-03          
      58.92m  FOUL  55.90m  60.13m  FOUL  FOUL                                      
  6 #60 Myles Schreck            Dartmouth               52.83m     173-04          
      FOUL  51.77m  52.24m  FOUL  FOUL  52.83m                                      
 -- #351 Clinton Nicolai         Unattached                 DNS                     
Women Hammer Throw
 Top 8 to final; break ties                                                         
 Reorder after prelims                                                              
    World Jr: W 73.24m  2005        Wenxiu Zhang, CHN                               
 American Jr: A 68.12m  6/16/2012   Shelby Ashe                                     
    U20 Meet: M 68.12m  2012        Shelby Ashe, Throw 1 Deep                       
    Comp#  Name                Year Team                Finals            Alternate
  1 #174 Hawa Mahama             Penn                    65.66m     215-05          
      60.00m  63.65m  64.16m  65.66m  65.64m  60.69m                                
  2 #13 Shelby Moran             Arizona St.             58.47m     191-10          
      58.47m  55.84m  57.53m  57.33m  57.58m  55.81m                                
  3 #96 Amanda Howe              Iowa                    57.10m     187-04          
      57.10m  56.07m  57.02m  FOUL  53.51m  FOUL                                    
  4 #177 Gianna Rao              Penn St.                56.34m     184-10          
      53.08m  55.63m  52.99m  56.34m  51.89m  FOUL                                  
  5 #283 Samantha Kunza          Unattached              55.42m     181-10          
      55.42m  FOUL  FOUL  53.12m  54.62m  54.10m                                    
  6 #246 Georgia Coleman         Towson                  55.41m     181-09          
      FOUL  53.31m  55.41m  FOUL  45.84m  50.31m                                    
  7 #188 Nicole Valdez           Rhode Island            49.03m     160-10          
      FOUL  41.90m  FOUL  49.03m  FOUL  45.66m                                      
  8 #241 Hannah Judge            Throw1deep Club         44.04m     144-06          
      41.71m  42.00m  FOUL  FOUL  43.80m  44.04m                                    
 -- #275 Monique Hardy           Unattached                 DNS                     
 -- #240 Hannah Jackson          Throw1deep Club            DNS