HMMR Podcast Episode 207: Core competency (with Derek Evely)

Everyone talks about the need for a strong core, but what exactly is the “core”? What function does it serve? How do we train it? And how do we progress training? On this week’s podcast Derek Evely joins us again for a chat on core strength and many related topics.

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Notes and quotes

Derek Evely is an athletics coach and previous director of both the Loughborough (UK) High Performance Centre and Canadian Athletics Coaching Centre. He currently runs, which host both in person and online coaches education.

Core training
Becoming a better sport parent

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • This month’s site theme is core strength, which we looked at during the start of the episode. Join HMMR Plus so that you don’t miss out and get full archive and resource library here on HMMR Media.
  • Videos of most of the exercises and movements discussed in this episode are available to members in our movement library. Check out the core section, or also reference our in-depth video lesson on medicine ball routines.
  • You can follow Evely on Twitter and find out about his upcoming projects at @eveltrak and at His International Conference of Athletics Excellence will take place from November 30 to December 1.
  • Evely has been the podcast’s most frequent guest. You can learn more from him about exercise classification on Episode 156, Bondarchuk for team sports on Episode 114, variation on Episode 93, and polarized training on Episode 3. Regarding the Bondarchuk for team sports topic, we also had a member hangout in July to discuss it in more detail. We also did two written interviews with Evely, which you can find here and here.
  • Evely is a contributor to HMMR Media. Check out his page and his biography. We recommend his series on traditional periodization and modern trends in periodization.