Experience(s) are important. I emphasize the plural. In my professional career that spans fifty years I have had too many people who claim thirty or forty years of experience when in reality they have had one experience thirty or forty times.

To me accruing experiences is about growth and learning with credibility established through demonstration of a high standard of performance sustained over time. It is understanding within this high standard or performance both success and failure are learning opportunities. Gaining experience means taking risks, getting outside of your comfort zone, your area of specialization and expertise to see your world with different eyes. You learn from people, places, situations, books, movies, art – anything that can challenge your thinking. I have learned on this journey that no one has all the answers and that those who have the best questions are the most successful. I know as a young coach when I thought I had all the answers my athletes were not growing and reaching their potential. Fortunately, through mentors and role models and above athletes I was able to grow and understand that no one has all the answers. Continual learning and challenging yourself are essential steps in gaining experiences that will make you and the athlete better.

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