GAINcast Episode 174: Foundational strength roundtable

Building the athlete from the ground up requires a strong foundation. But what materials go into that foundation? When is it built? How do we maintain it? On this week’s GAIN cast we bring together a roundtable with guests James Marshall and Steve Myrland to discuss the topic from all angles.

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Notes and quotes

In addition to Vern and myself, we are joined by James Marshall and Steve Myrland. Marshall is the head coach at Excelsior Athletic Development Club in England and has worked with athletes of all ages and sports. Myrland has worked as an athletic development coach in the NHL and at the University level including National Championship teams in Soccer and Ice Hockey at University of Wisconsin. We start off the episode be defining foundational strength, then look at preferred methods to develop it.

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Further reading

The following links were referenced in the podcast or provide some additional reading material on the topic:

  • Come join us at the GAIN Europe Deep Dive on foundational strength. It takes place from January 10 and 11 in Devon, England. Find out more here. And save the date: GAIN 2020 will take place from June 16 to 20.
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  • Both Marshall and Myrland have been guests on the GAINcast and HMMR Podcast previously. Marshall was on GAINcast 160 and HMMR Podcast 175. Myrland has been on GAINcast 25GAINcast 108, and HMMR Podcast 149. Both were also guests on the October 2019 HMMR Hangout about core strength.
  • You can also find articles from Marshall and Myrland up on HMMR Media. You can also read Marshall’s blog and find more resources, including upcoming educational opportunities, on the Excelsior Group webpage. He’s also on Twitter (@CoachExcelsior) and Instagram (@excelsioradclub).