The decade in review: top training content

HMMR Media was officially founded in 2013, but its roots trace back to the personal blog I started in 2007. During the past decade we’ve grown from one contributor (me) to 27 authors. We’ve posted thousands of articles, podcasts, and videos. And we’ve learned a lot about training throughout the whole process. Below are some highlights from the past decade on HMMR Media.

Top videos and articles

Two things jump out to me when looking at the most popular content from the last decade. First, 80% of the articles were from the second half of the decade, which is a sign of both the diversity of opinions we’ve recruited and the growth of the site. Second, most of the articles were written by my, but nearly every one reflects one a key lesson learned over years from some of my mentors and the credit goes to them first: Bondarchuk, Gambetta, Bosch, and more. You can also see those influences in our most popular videos.

Top podcast episodes

We’ve produced nearly 400 podcast episodes at HMMR Media. Below are the top five most downloaded episodes of both the GAINcast and HMMR Podcast. One theme you see is that speed is king: 70% of the top episodes focus on training speed.

Top articles by year

Below are the most popular posts for each year in the past decade. Frequently, the most popular articles online are not always the best, but we’re happy to see some of our best content also get the audience it deserved over the years.