Rhode Island Indoor State Championships Results

After losing his state lead last week, Kyle Moison (Lincoln, RI) responded with a big win at Saturday’s Rhode Island Indoor State Championships. The senior not only won, but he added more than two feet to his personal best on his final throw and recaptured the state lead. Rival Logan Coles (Woonsocket, RI) took a strong second place, leading five throwers over 70 feet. Michelson Salomon (Mt. Pleasant, RI) took bronze, after adding seven feet to his best and breaking the barrier for the first time.

After competing at the Simplot Games on Thursday, Cheyenne Figueroa (Classical, Providence, RI) flew home to easily win the girl’s competition. Allison Plante (Lincoln, RI) equalled her personal best to win a close battle for silver, with three athletes within a half foot of each other.

   Rhode Island High School Indoor Track & Field State Championships
                  Providence Career & Technical Academy                    
                             Providence, RI
                         Saturday February 15,2020

Boys Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Kyle Moison               SR Lincoln               78-08.50     23.99m 
  2 Logan Coles               JR Woonsocket            75-11.50     23.15m 
  3 Michelson Salomon         SR Mt. Pleasant          71-04.50     21.75m 
  4 Philip Coppolino          SR Cumberland            70-08.50     21.55m 
  5 William Cauley            SR Barrington            70-01.00     21.36m 
  6 Ahamefula Ihenacho        SR Classical             67-11.00     20.70m 
  7 John Fay                  JR Bishop Hendricken     64-10.75     19.78m 
  8 Tarik Robinson-O'Hagan    SO Woonsocket            64-04.00     19.60m 
  9 Jesse Houle               SR Woonsocket            64-00.75     19.52m 
 10 Sam Bond                  SR Rogers                63-11.00     19.48m 
 11 Jake Picard               SR Bishop Hendricken     63-03.25     19.28m 
 12 Alexander Baez            SR Classical             62-08.00     19.10m 
 13 Zack Kelling              SR Coventry              60-08.50     18.50m 
 14 Shamus Culhane            SO North Kingstown       58-05.50     17.81m 
 15 Ali Abdul-Mumin           SO Classical             56-10.25     17.32m 
 16 Colby Cuthill             SR Bishop Hendricken     56-07.50     17.25m 
 17 Asher Robbins             SO Barrington            55-11.25     17.04m 
 18 Liam Capozza              SO Barrington            54-06.50     16.62m
Girls Weight Throw
    Name                    Year School                  Finals           
  1 Cheyenne Figueroa         SR Classical             59-03.50     18.07m 
  2 Allison Plante            SR Lincoln               50-10.50     15.50m 
  3 Madison McGloin           SR Barrington            50-08.00     15.44m 
  4 Sarah Ortes               JR Classical             50-03.75     15.33m 
  5 Kendra Ezeama             SR Smithfield            49-01.00     14.96m 
  6 Noelia Giercia            SO Juanita Sanchez       46-02.75     14.09m 
  7 Nicolette Ducharme        JR Cumberland            46-01.50     14.05m 
  8 Elaine Vaz Ramos          JR Central Falls         45-09.25     13.95m 
  9 Oladiwura Oladele         SR La Salle Academy      45-04.75     13.83m 
 10 Molly Thibaudeau          SR Lincoln               45-03.25     13.79m 
 11 Gabby Bryan               SR Portsmouth            44-02.25     13.46m 
 12 Serena Lalli              JR Classical             41-09.00     12.72m 
 13 Hayley Chartier           JR Lincoln               41-06.75     12.66m 
 14 Liangie Calderon          SO Coventry              41-03.00     12.57m 
 15 Yuliamdra Samora          SO Juanita Sanchez       41-02.25     12.55m 
 16 MacKenzie Stephens        JR Barrington            40-01.00     12.21m 
 17 Jocelyn Bechtel           JR Pligrim               39-10.50     12.15m 
 18 Hannah Horace             SO Toll Gate             38-06.25     11.74m