Announcement about GAIN 2020 conference

The highlight of my year is connecting with the athletic development community at the annual GAIN Conference. In light of our current public health situation, we have decided to reformat GAIN 2020. We are planning to transform this year’s gathering into a digital format to be presented in July.

While we’re sad to lose the chance to gather in person, this represents an opportunity to bring the ideas and insights of GAIN in a new format. I have always believed that adversity yields opportunity, this affords us an opportunity to do something that will get all of us out of our comfort zone. We’ll announce more details about the new GAIN experience and how you can attend. Check the website for updates. And we are already looking forward to seeing you in person again at GAIN 20201.

This is one of the most difficult posts I have written. GAIN is dear to my heart and such a special experience. We all will come back stronger and better.

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