Easter thoughts

Obviously with the lockdown I have had more time to think, to think about the past and the future after we emerge from this. It seems that more often than not my thoughts turn to family, my wife and children. I think a lot about my parents who passed away thirty years ago. I think of how they would reacted what they would have done. I think of how their love and sacrifices gave me the life that I have. Most importantly they give and continue to give me, and my family is the gift of love.

My parents were immigrants without any education to speak of, yet they were two of the wisest people I have known. They came to the US for the American dream and in many ways achieved it, but they never lost their old country values from Switzerland. My mother was very religious and put her faith in God. My dad went to church but was a skeptic. I like to think I got a bit of both from them.

On this Easter in very troubled times I am thinking of my friends, my family and thanking my parents for giving me the tools to cope and thrive like they did through the great depression. Reach out to those you love and tell them you love them. Thanks mom and dad and give all of us some of your strength to make it through this.

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