But can you coach?

You have graduated with a degree in exercise science, you got you masters in exercise Bioenergetics and were a GA in the weight room at State U working with a leader in the field, Benjamin J. Bicep. You have done three internships with professional teams. You have every certification offered so that you have more letters after your name that letters in the alphabet. You know the Krebs cycle forward and backward, you can tell me the how the fascicle length changes with each exercise.

Now what? It begs the question can you coach? Have you ever done any real coaching? Have you ever gotten your hands dirty? This is not some old man’s fantasy; this is what I am seeing today. Young men and women with no idea of what coaching is. How to coach people not numbers. How to organize to teach effectively. Coaching is not an industry; it is a profession. Where are the professionals? All the theory is important, but it is trumped by practice. Can you apply it to make the athlete better and give the athlete a good competitive experience?

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