Current reading

These are the books I am currently reading, rereading, and  reviewing. I usually read about six books at a time, sometimes more, seldom less. I love to read. My reading interests are broad and varied. I am finding myself going back and rereading many works that I have read over the past few years. I seem to get more out of them on the second read.

Current Reading


  • Annals of a Former World by John McPhee. McPhee is one of the best writers of our time. Seldom am I not reading one of books. Such elegant prose.


Each year I review these seminal works that have shaped what I do as a teacher and coach.

  • Doherty, Ken. (1985) Track & Field Omnibook (Fourth Edition)
  • Counsilman, James E. (1968) The Science of Swimming
  • Dyson,Geoffrey H.G. (1977) The Mechanics of Athletics
  • Harre, Dietrich. Principles of Sports Training – Introduction to the Theory and methods of Training. Berlin, GDR: Sportverlag. 1982
  • Kreighbaum, Ellen and Barthels, Katharine M. Biomechanics – A Qualitative Approach for Studying Human Movement. Fourth edition. Boston, Allyn and Bacon. 1996.
  • Lieber, Richard L. (2002) Skeletal Muscle Structure, Function & Plasticity – The Physiological Basis of Rehabilitation. Second Edition. Philadelphia: Lippincot Williams & Wilkins.
  • Logan, Gene A. and McKinney, Wayne C. Kinesiology.  Wm. C. Brown Company Publishers. 1970
  • McArdle, William D. Katch, Frank I. And Katch, Victor L. (2007) Sixth Edition. Exercise Physiology – Energy, Nutrition and Human Performance. Baltimore, MD. Williams & Wilkins.
  • Todd, Mabel E. The Thinking Body. Princeton Book Company Publishers. Highston, NJ. 1937