Life 101: changing your world

As 21-year-old just out of college I was convinced that my mission was to change the world. My youthful enthusiasm was soon tempered by realism. I quickly learned that the best way to change the world was to change my world. The following is some thoughts and ideas that I have learned over the years to change my world. Perhaps these thoughts will help you change your world and we can all make the world a better place together.

“Everyone’s journey, timeline, gifts, constraints, obstacles, & triumphs are different. Don’t look left or right. Just keep looking within, look up & look forward.” -Unknown Source

It comes down to choices we make. “Choices are our beliefs turned into action, and those actions set us down a path.” -Rose Marcario, Former CEO of Patagonia

Failure is not fatal, nor is it final. As Tom Peters said, “Fail forward.”

What is your world? You define it. It can be a geographical place, a concept or a state of mind. The key is that you define your world. Here are some simple rules that will help you change and better define your world:

  • Stay Basic
  • Stay Hungry
  • Stay Focused
  • Stay Excited
  • Stay Uncomfortable
  • Stay You
  • Stay Passionate
  • Stay a Child
  • Smiles will get you Miles
  • Remember the Little Engine Who Could – I think I can! I think I can!

“A different future is possible when we refuse to be prisoners of the past” -President Barack Obama

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