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This is the 15th anniversary of my blog. I started it in August 2005 after I left the madness of six months with the Nike Oregon Project. Initially I started it to help get me in the routine of writing everyday so that I could finish my book Athletic Development – The Art & Science of Functional Sports Conditioning. I finished the book and it was published in 2007.

I also used the blog to regain my focus on what was good about sport and training after what appeared to be a dream job turned into complete horror show. The Oregon Project experience was one of  the low points of my life. I learned a lot about corporate greed, cheating to beat the system to win medals. The blog has helped me move forward from those dark days. Through the blog I have connected with coaches that are coaching clean and fair and willing to learn. Someday if I ever write a novel it will be about those six months with the Oregon Project. The title will probably be “A Dirty Shit Show.”

For you loyal readers thanks for following me all these years. I hope I can keep stimulating thought and providing good information to make the best better.

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