My learning journey: influential people

Of late I have been thinking about those who have influenced me over the course of my career. Below I have listed the people in four categories:  teachers/professors, coaches, sport scientists, and athletes. Some of these people I have been able to work directly with, some I just learned from through reading their writing and some through observation.

The biggest influence on me has been my family: my mother and father who came to this country without education or knowledge of the language. Their work ethic and the standards they set for us are my guiding light. My older brother Frank. My wife Melissa and our children Curt and Kristen. They are my daily inspiration.


  • Father Bernard
  • Father Alexander
  • Professor Canales


  • Charles Kuehl
  • Bill Crow
  • Bill Bowerman
  • Ken Shannon
  • Tom Tellez
  • Sam Adams
  • Marshall Clark
  • Chuck Coker
  • Dan McClymond
  • Mihaly Igloi
  • Pete Pedersen
  • Frank Dick
  • Doc Councilman
  • Tadeusz Starzynski
  • Vitold Kreer
  • Arthur Lydiard
  • Percy Cerutty
  • Gerard Mach
  • Bud Winter
  • Sandor Calvesi
  • John Jesse
  • Fred Wilt
  • Joe Vigil
  • John Larralde
  • Kevin McGill
  • Gary Winckler
  • Jim Steen


  • Per Olaf Astrand
  • David Costill
  • Jim Hay
  • Jack Daniels
  • Chuck Dillman
  • Betty Atwater
  • Bob Nidefer
  • Pavo Komi
  • Carmelo Bosco


  • Curt Harper
  • Pat Matzdorf
  • Jim Ryun
  • Anthony Sandoval
  • Kristen Gambetta
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