The Golden Gate

Saturday morning on my morning walk around Lands End and then through the Golden Gate I saw the bridge and teared up. It looked different than it looked the day before. It had a golden look with the morning sun reflecting off the structure. It again looked like the symbol of freedom and tolerance that represents what the US is about. If you will, the west coast version of the Statue of Liberty that has welcomed millions into this country to pursue the American dream, including my parents 96 years ago.

I also thought about those whose last view of America was the Golden Gate on their way to fight for our freedom. To them we owe the utmost respect and a tremendous debt of gratitude. Now, hopefully we can put the turmoil and madness of the past four years behind us, unite for the common good and win back the respect this great country deserves. Let’s go out of our way to be civil to each other, encourage healthy discourse and work together for only together and united can we be the best we can be.

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